Strengthening Capacity and Institutional Reform for Green Growth and Sustainable Development in Viet Nam Project Dates: January 2015 - December 2018
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1. Strengthened capacity at MPI for guiding the implementation and for conducting M&E of the Green Growth Strategy and its Action Plan.
2. Strengthened technical capacity at MPI, MOF, MOT ministries, and provinces to integrate green growth into the planning, budgeting and spending processes.
3. Enhanced knowledge and awareness of policymakers and businesses on green growth and sustainable development.
4. Policy analysis conducted on finance, investment and fiscal, and other barriers to green growth investments, enabling policy dialogue on the research findings.
5. Improved investment policies and regulations to tackle barriers to green growth; and strategies and incentives to increase engagement of the private sector into green investments, production and consumption,.
6. Improved climate finance architecture to mobilize funds for green growth and climate change.
7. Develop and employ a system of tracking and reporting climate change finance.
8. Private sector investments and projects contribute to achieving GG objectives


 Through this partnership with UNDP and the US Government, MPI will work with other ministries, provinces, business, research institutes and development partners to meet the implementation targets in the national Green Growth Strategy.

  1. Energy policy and planning