The power sector resources show progress of the energy transition in Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam along a number of indicators. It builds on the archetype, where from a status quo the climate performance, security of supply and affordability of the power sectors could be improved. Relevant challenges i.e., technical, economic, political, social and institutional are tackled towards a joint of clean, secure and affordable power system.

The Power Transition Progress Tool monitors the progress of the Energy Transition Southeast Asian countries

Power Transition Progress Tool

The Power Transition Progress Tool monitors the progress of the energy transition of Southeast Asian countries. Along 69 indicators organised under nine dimensions, or “challenges”, the tool analyses the status of different elements that are part of the transition, according to the CASE archetype pathway.

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Energy Transition Southeast Asia: Power Snapshots Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

Power Sector Snapshots

The Power Sector Insight Pages provide a snapshot of the quantitative and qualitative data based on the Power Sector Data Browser for the four major Southeast Asian countries (Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam). It presents an interactive, easy-to-understand flow-text, supported by interactive figures, giving insights into the country's energy landscape.

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Energy Transition in Southeast Asia: Explore Power Sector Data for 10 ASEAN Countries

Power Sector Data Browser

The Power Sector Data Browser is a user-friendly online resource that displays up-to-date quantitative power sector data of ten ASEAN countries, sourced from open data. Its aim is to provide a one-stop-shop for data of a variety of indicators related to the power sector, making it an essential tool for researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders interested in the energy landscape of Southeast Asia.

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Find Energy Transition in Southeast Asia with GEM Power Plant Trackers - Interactive map, regional analysis, and more

GEM Power Plant Trackers

The Global Energy Monitor (GEM) Power Plant Trackers are a comprehensive set of tools that use an interactive map based platform to allow users to zoom out for summaries and analysis at the regional or global scale, or zoom in for background and details on any element of the system — coal mine, nuclear power plant, wind farm, oil extraction field, fossil gas pipeline, or oil tanker

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