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ASEAN Standardization Harmonization Initiative for Efficiency (SHINE)

ASEAN SHINE, the Best and Effective Platform for EE Initiative in ASEAN, is a public-private partnership between the United Nations Environment Programme (UN Environment) and the International Copper Association (ICA). It is in direct support of the United for Efficiency (U4E) Initiative which is a global effort supporting developing countries and emerging economies to move their markets to energy efficient appliances and equipment under the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) energy efficiency goal. 

January 2019 - December 2022
Lower Mekong Initiative (LMI) Air Conditioning Efficiency

The project aims to support Vietnam in its implementation of a national policy roadmap for air conditioners. Through the Lower Mekong Initiative and the ASEAN Standardization Harmonization Initiative for Efficiency (SHINE) program, this project will build on the existing ASEAN Regional Policy Roadmap and the Vietnam National Roadmap by assisting Vietnam in implementing higher minimum energy performance standards for air conditioning and encouraging enforcement of those standards.

January 2017 - December 2022
Vietnam Energy Efficiency for Industrial Enterprises (VEEIE)

The objective of the Energy Efficiency for Industrial Enterprises (VEEIE) for Vietnam is to improve energy efficiency in Vietnam's industrial sector. The project has 2 components. 
(1) Energy Efficiency Investment Lending component consists of an Energy Efficiency lending program. An Operational Manual (OM) was developed, which outlines selection criteria for sub-borrowers and subprojects, appraisal procedures, roles, and responsibilities of the Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) and the government, the PFIs’ internal institutional arrangement for project implementation, technical evaluation, environmental and social assessment, procurement, and financial management frameworks that are consistent with the Bank and the Vietnamese government rules and procedures.
(2) Project Implementation Support component will provide technical assistance and capacity building support to the Ministry of Industry and Trade on Project monitoring and supervision, including audits of project activities and safeguards implementation.

January 2018 - December 2022
Da Nang Energy Efficiency and Conservation Program

The Da Nang Department of Industry and Trade has initiated this program to promote energy efficiency and conservation in the city. It involves raising awareness, providing training, and offering financial incentives for businesses and households to adopt energy-efficient practices and technologies.

January 2017 - December 2021
Java-Bali 500 kV Power Transmission Crossing

The proposed investment project will strengthen the Java-Bali power transmission grid by constructing 220 km of extra high voltage transmission lines with associated substations. The project forms part of the governments regional economic development master plan and its long-term power development plan. The project will benefit the population in Bali by meeting future demand growth in Bali Island, thus ensuring long-term power supply security to support sustained socio-economic growth and government plan to achieve 90% electrification by 2020.

January 2013 - December 2020
Sustainable and Inclusive Energy Program (Subprogram 2)

The program identified the priority areas that aimed to: (i) improve sector governance, streamline public sector investments, and expand private sector investment in energy and power markets; (ii) bolster the security and sustainability of the energy sector through increased reliance on domestic gas, renewable energy, and energy efficiency measures; and (iii) provide access to modern energy to all Indonesians.

January 2021 - February 2024
ETAF Platform

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) announced a new COP28 partnership. This partnership aims to accelerate the deployment of clean energy and mobilize capital in emerging markets and developing economies. Bloomberg Philanthropies’ support will enable IRENA to advance efforts to drive the widespread adoption of renewable energy and reduce political, technical, and financial barriers to the energy transition by building capacities in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, strengthening project finance and preparation through the Energy Transition Accelerator Financing (ETAF) Platform , and facilitating private capital mobilization.

February 2023 - December 2030
Global Energy Transition Initiative

The Global Energy Transition initiative supports efforts to rapidly transform the global power sector toward clean energy, beginning with 10 emerging economies across Africa, Asia, and South America. These are countries where power demand is projected to rapidly grow and there is huge potential for solar, wind, and other renewable energy deployment in this decade. The initiative also supports efforts in Japan, Australia, and South Korea to accelerate the coal to clean energy transition, reduce emissions, and achieve a 1.5-degree pathway. The benefits of a transition to clean energy go far beyond reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating climate change. It creates jobs, builds local manufacturing value chains, improves infrastructure, protects public health by keeping pollutants out of the air, and provides affordable and accessible power. By shifting to clean energy, developing nations can secure a resilient and thriving future.

January 2022 - December 2026
ClimateWorks Foundation Transportation Program

The Transportation Program advances a sustainable, affordable, and low-carbon mobility system. The program includes aviation, road transportation, and marine shipping initiatives. A total grant of $62.5 million was awarded to low emission mobility projects. Through the Transportation Program, funding has been extended to organizations like Green ID in Vietnam, the World Resources Institute, and C40 Cities to facilitate the implementation of initiatives aimed at reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable transportation solutions in Southeast Asia.

January 2022 - December 2025
Traction Energy Asia

Traction Energy Asia is working to bring environmentally informed foreign direct investments (FDI) to support Indonesia’s transition to clean energy and low-carbon growth. Through research, advocacy, and multilateral engagement in Indonesia, this project will enable Traction Energy to influence key government stakeholders to acknowledge the negative emissions and socioeconomic impacts of China’s FDI in the country and recognize how China’s investment and know-how could help accelerate Indonesia’s transition to clean energy and low-carbon growth. If successful, within three to five years the government of Indonesia will have developed a regulatory framework and financial and fiscal incentives that enable and attract China’s investment in projects and initiatives that support Indonesia's energy transition. Based on its experiences, the Indonesian government can also take the lead in ASEAN, especially when it chairs the regional forum in 2023. The Hewlett Foundation has provided Traction Energy Asia a funding amount of $253,985. 

January 2023 - December 2024