Coal Refinancing in the Philippines using the Coal Asset Transition (CAT) tool

29 Apr 2024

Authors: Isabella Suarez and Matt Gray
Authoring Organisation: TransitionZero
Posted At: 01-2024

The Philippines has introduced the Philippine Energy Transition Plan (PETP), signaling a significant shift towards cleaner, more reliable, and cost-effective energy sources. This roadmap prioritizes moving away from coal, aligning with global climate goals and addressing infrastructure challenges. Recent electricity disruptions underscore the urgency for this transition, highlighting the need for careful planning and data-driven strategies. The plan draws inspiration from successful models like the JETP to ensure impactful change.

This blog analyses new data from TransitionZero's Coal Asset Transition (CAT) Tool as it relates to the Philippines. The results indicate that the energy transition should focus on more than just coal assets to bolster the grid's resilience and ensure affordable and reliable electricity. Rather, a holistic transition and coal retirement mechanisms will need to be backed by data to account for the diverse stakeholders and the diverse factors that determine the reliability and profitability of coal assets in the Philippines.

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