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Energy Smart Philippines Program

The Energy Smart Philippines Program is a project funded by AFD and the European Union (EU). It aims to promote the development of smart grids and renewable energy integration in the Philippines. The program focuses on improving the reliability and efficiency of the electricity grid and promoting the use of renewable energy sources.

January 2018 - December 2018
Philippine Smart Grid Pilot Project

The Philippine Smart Grid Pilot Project, supported by AFD, is an initiative implemented by the Manila Electric Company (Meralco), the largest electricity distribution utility in the Philippines. The project aims to develop and deploy smart grid technologies and solutions in selected areas to enhance energy efficiency, enable demand response, and improve overall grid management.

January 2018 - December 2021
Promoting RE and Climate Investment Through a Green Credit Line to PT SMI

This projects supports PT SMI in municipal development and renewable energy projects that will help Indonesia’s green recovery.This will contribute to Indonesia’s progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals and benefit the economy, the people, and the environment

January 2015 - January 2025
Green credit line to the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV)

The main objective of this project is to attract investments in the renewable energy and energy effciency sectors in Vietnam

January 2020 - January 2022
Expansion of Hoa Binh Hydropower plant

The two main objectives of this project are : 1. Optimize hydropower to increase electricity production, and to improve the supply and stability of the electricity system. 2. Contribute to replacing fossil fuel production for an estimated 488 gigawatts per year, thus avoiding the release of some 225,000 tons of CO2 equivalent emissions into the atmosphere.

January 2021 - January 2025
Technical assistance to EVN in the fields of ESHS management and construction as part of the Hoa Binh hydropower plant extension project

The TA aims at supporting EVN in key aspects related to E&S management and technical construction support, as part of the Hoa Binh hydropower plant extension project under AFD's financing


January 2020 - January 2023
Programme for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (PEEB)

The project has the following objectives : 1. Transform the buildings sector by promoting sustainable building design and construction. 2. Lower the energy demand in buildings in a cost-effective manner and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a minimum level 3. Leverage untapped social, ecological and economic benefits

January 2021 - January 2025
Grid strengthenig project in the South of Vietnam

Improve, build, extend the 110kV grid network in the South of Vietnam to connect RE sources.

January 2022 - January 2025
Technical assistance to EVN in the fields of Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

This project aims to improve peak load supply and the electricity system stability, reinforcing its availability to integrate more renewable energy. It will also contribute to replacing the fossil production (estimated at 220GWh/year) and avoid 68 kt of greenhouse gases emission per year.

January 2019 - January 2025
Expansion of Ialy Hydropower plant

The project will create additional capacity to increase the existing hydropower plant’s power generation capacity from 720MW to 1,080MW to meet the country’s demand for electricity.


January 2021 - January 2025