How to Register as a SIPET Member

10 Nov 2023
Authors: SIPET Community Manager
Authoring Organisation: SIPET
Posted At: 11-2023

Becoming a SIPET Member offers a multitude of advantages, enabling you to actively engage in and contribute to the energy transition ecosystem. As a SIPET Member:

  1. Access to Valuable Information: You gain the privilege to download and share information available on the platform. These invaluable resources repository encompasses a wide array of content related to the energy transition, facilitating informed decision-making and collaboration.
  2. Contribute Content: SIPET Members have the ability to contribute their own content to the platform including project details, knowledge resources, information about events, and more.

To help you get started, we have prepared a tutorial video demonstrating how to register as a SIPET Member.  Please find the attached tutorial video and make sure to view this quick guide before proceeding.