SIPET’s Vision Explained at ACEF 2023

18 Jul 2023

Authors: SIPET Community Team
Authoring Organisations: SEA Information Platform for the Energy Transition
Region/Location: Philippines

The Southeast Asia Information Platform for the Energy Transition (SIPET) participated at the Deep Dive Workshop, “Digital Innovations in Energy Sector Supporting Clean Energy Transitions: Real Stories from the Ground,” on June 16 at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters in Manila, Philippines. The deep dive session, organized by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, emphasized how digital innovations catalyze clean energy transitions.

Sascha Oppowa, Project Director of CASE for Southeast Asia, GIZ Thailand, introduced SIPET, expounding on its utility and potential to expedite the energy transition in the region. Oppowa’s remarks likened the collective understanding of energy transition to the ancient parable of blind monks encountering an elephant.

“Each monk, like those grappling with the energy transition, touched a different part of the elephant, forming unique, incomplete impressions,” explained Oppowa. “Yet through dialogue, they could collectively create a more comprehensive image, filling in gaps of understanding rather than only having partial perspectives.”

Oppowa extended this metaphor to SIPET, describing it as a space for “energy transition blind monks” to share insights and create a complete picture of the energy transition process. This collaborative approach, facilitated by digital innovation, aims to yield more holistic, effective strategies for clean energy transitions.

Oppowa provided a quick walkthrough of SIPET, showcasing its tools and resources, namely the Project Mapping Tool, the Power Transition Progress Tool, the GEM Power Plant Trackers, the Power Sector Data Browser and its complementary Power Sector Snapshots, and the Knowledge Hub. These tools and resources are aimed at helping clean energy professionals and stakeholders drive the region’s t

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