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ETAF Platform

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) announced a new COP28 partnership. This partnership aims to accelerate the deployment of clean energy and mobilize capital in emerging markets and developing economies. Bloomberg Philanthropies’ support will enable IRENA to advance efforts to drive the widespread adoption of renewable energy and reduce political, technical, and financial barriers to the energy transition by building capacities in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, strengthening project finance and preparation through the Energy Transition Accelerator Financing (ETAF) Platform , and facilitating private capital mobilization.

February 2023 - December 2030
Indonesia Energy Transition Outlook (IETO) 2021

Indonesia Energy Transition Outlook (IETO) 2021 is IESR's annual flagship report which aims to review the development of the energy system in the previous year (2020), outlook the development in the year after (2021) and also track the progress of Indonesia's energy transition.

January 2020 - December 2022
Workshop on Ancillary Services Framework

 Inform the output on guidelines for the procurement of ancillary service (AS) based experiences from other countries.

January 2021 - December 2022
Flextool 2021/22

Countries exploring ways to ramp up solar and wind energy on their power grids should first conduct thorough flexibility assessments. The IRENA FlexTool performs power system flexibility assessments based on national capacity investment plans and forecasts.

FlexTool assessments reflect full power system dispatch and offer a detailed view of options for flexible generation, demand-side flexibility and energy storage, alongside sector-coupling technologies such as power-to-heat, electric vehicles and hydrogen production through electrolysis.

The freely accessible, user-friendly FlexTool can analyse system operations using a time resolution aligned with real-world system challenges – a resolution of an hour or less in the case of variable renewable energy sources. It also provides least-cost optimisation of the generation mix combined with flexibility solutions for the grid, storage, demand-side response and sector coupling.

January 2021 - June 2023
ASEAN Energy Transition Outlook

This second edition of the ASEAN Renewable Energy Outlook was developed in collaboration with the ASEAN Center for Energy (ACE) and the ASEAN Renewable Energy Sub-sector Network. It is guided by IRENA’s World Energy Transitions Outlook and details a comprehensive pathway for the development of a sustainable and cleaner regional energy system. It explores the role of end-use sector electrification, expansion of renewable generation, energy efficiency solutions, emerging technologies such as electric vehicles, hydrogen and battery storage-systems, as well the importance of expanding regional power sector integration.

January 2016 - December 2022