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Feasibility Study in ASEAN Multilateral Power Trade part of the ASEAN-Australia DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION PHASE II

This project produces a report that identifies a set of minimum political, technical and institutional requirements that the ASEAN member states will need to meet in order to establish multilateral power trading in the region. Some of these minimum requirements can be met by building upon existing efforts in the region. 

January 2019 - January 2019
ASEAN Renewable Energy Integration Analysis

In support of the development of the ASEAN Power Grid (APG), the IEA has undertaken a quantitative assessment of the impact of regional power system integration in ASEAN to accommodate the growing share of variable renewable energy (VRE), which consists of solar and wind generation. The analysis explores the impact of multilateral power trading (MPT) and expanded cross-border interconnectors as well as the value of flexibility resources for the APG from economic, operational, environmental, and policy-related perspectives. 

January 2019 - January 2019
Guidebook for Local Government Units on the Formulation of the Local Energy Efficiency and Conservation Plangoog

The LEECP Guidebook is designed to assist LGUs in developing their LEECP as mandated by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act of the Philippines. The guidebook will institutionalize energy efficiency and integrate it into the sustainable local development agenda of each LGU in the country.

January 2018 - January 2021
Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop (EVOSS) Act

The Energy Virtual One-Stop Shop (EVOSS) system is a web-based filing and monitoring system for energy related applications and a repository of information and permits issued for energy projects, which is shared by all agencies and entities involved in the approval process. Further, the system promotes transparency and accountability among the agencies. Through the system, regulators and stakeholders can work together by providing assistance to promote ease of doing business in the energy sector.

January 2019 - December 2019
Technical assistance to EVN in the fields of Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

This project aims to improve peak load supply and the electricity system stability, reinforcing its availability to integrate more renewable energy. It will also contribute to replacing the fossil production (estimated at 220GWh/year) and avoid 68 kt of greenhouse gases emission per year.

January 2019 - January 2025
Danish Energy Partnership Programme III with Vietnam (DEPP II)

The programme objective is Vietnam develops low carbon pathways related to energy in support of their NDC and Vietnam upscales NDC mitigation targets and related measures by 2020.

January 2017 - December 2020
Data Collection Survey on Power Sector in Vietnam

This survey comprehensively collects information necessary for examining the direction of medium- to long-term assistance for Vietnam in the power sector. In particular, it will consolidate and prioritize possible support measures from the perspectives of private sector partnerships such as overseas
investment and loans, ODA loans, and technical assistance. In addition, it aims to examine the details of cooperation programs for which assistance can be provided in the short term. 
Main outcomes are following : 
1. To analyze the current status of power & energy sector
2. To analyze the issues caused by RE development
3. To identify and prioritize JICA’s future cooperation

January 2019 - December 2020
Just Coal Transition Forum

Capitalizing on global experience with coal phase-out programs,
establishment of the Just Coal Transition Forum (the Forum) will support
energy transition in the coal regions in Southeast Asia.
6 Ensuring adherence
to the global guidelines and principles on Just Transition,
the Forum will deliver
coordination services, facilitate strategies and transition projects, and coordinate
technical assistance to design bespoke policies and build institutional governance
and implementation capacities in Southeast Asia. It will:
a. create and coordinate knowledge, generate, collate, and disseminate
good practices and facilitate learning to strengthen understanding and
ability to respond to core transition issues among the stakeholders and
between the stakeholder communities and the development agencies and
regional partnerships, offering support and investment financing,
b. support policy analysis and market intelligence to underpin transition
strategies and projects,
c. build institutional implementation capacity and governance for
strategies and projects, facilitate dialogue among workers, employers and
governments and other stakeholders,
d. facilitate access to finance for investors into the energy transition and
green growth,
e. create a line-of-sight between development agencies, financiers, and
regional partnerships – and coal regions, facilitating the flow of
investments and financial solutions and facilitate support to the coal
regions, through project preparation and/or implementation; and
f. provide a forum for the many economic, social, and environmental support
programs and projects required to be implemented locally across a

January 2022 - December 2025
EU - Viet Nam Sutainable Energy Transition Programme (SETP)

This is one of the four comlementary measures supporting the above SETP budget support programme. The EVSET Facility will contribute to the SETP objectives of (i) improved energy efficiency; (ii) a larger share of renewable energy in the energy mix; and (iii) improved performance of the Viet Nam Energy Information System. Its purposes are: 
• Purpose 1: provide high level demand-driven technical assistance and capacity development in areas of, but not limited to, technology and knowledge transfer through cooperation on areas like research, higher education and R&D for renewable energy and energy efficiency, renewable energy and energy efficiency policy, legal and regulatory frameworks, norms and technical standards, power market analysis, energy governance, energy information systems, energy budgeting and planning. 
• Purpose 2: provide support to the operation of the VEPG.
• Purpose 3: support monitoring and implementation of the budget support component of the SETP. 
• Purpose 4: support communication and visibility of the whole EU - Viet Nam Sustainable Energy Transition Programme and Team Europe support to the energy sector in Viet Nam.

January 2022 - December 2027