Capacity building needs assessment for Energy trasition in Viet Nam

04 Mar 2024

Authors: Le Duy Binh, Ha Huy Ngoc, Pham Tien Dzung
Authoring Organisation: Clean, Affordable and Secure Energy for Southeast Asia (CASE)
Posted At: 06-2023

This study on Assessment of Capacity Building Needs has overall objective of identifying the needs from the key stakeholders and then providing suggestions on feasible measures to better support the main actors involving into energy transition (ET) progress in Viet Nam. To achieve this objective, gaps in terms of legal frameworks, institutional capacities of actors involved into state governance, implementation and supporting the process of energy transition (including but not limited to RE development and energy efficiency measures) will be analyzed. Consequently, capacity building measures will be provided to support the related parties in better performing their mandates, enhancing their voices and participation in energy transition progress.